Cahill Desert Products

Cahill Desert Products was started in 1949 by Mabel Cahill. She started out in a small kitchen selling her famous homemade desert treats. Mabel was famous for her prickly pear jelly, Prickly Pear Habanero Candy, and Wild Orange Marmalade. Not much has changed since 1949. We still use Aunt Mabel’s recipes to make our jams, jellies, and preserves the old fashioned way with pure cane sugar and real fruit. If you are looking for the authentic taste of the Arizona Desert, you have arrived.

8 thoughts on “Cahill Desert Products

  1. Phillip Barnett

    The Sprouts stores here in tucson seem to be out of stock on your Date butter. do you think you will be making more of it in the near future.

    1. diegojrosado Post author


      Unfortunately at this time we have not found enough demand to keep making the prickly pear thirst quencher. If we can gather enough interest, we may relaunch. We thank you for your interest, check back at our website for new on us bringing it back.


  2. Mandi

    I am having a hard time finding the Jalepeno and Prickly Pear taffy. Can you help me find it, somewhere in the east valley maybe? Thank you!

    1. diegojrosado Post author

      Mandi, Unfortunately we have discontinued our taffy line since it was not living up to our quality standards.

      If you would like some truly great prickly pear, try our prickly pear jelly!

  3. Bill Reilly

    We used to lived next to Jim and Mabel Cahill in Phoenix when we were growing up. I still remember going over to their house when I was 4 and 5 and getting candy from them. They were the most wonderful and warm people, even at that age for me. My sisters and I loved going over to see Mr. and Mrs. Cahill. Now I give my small children Cahill Cactus Candy and tell them the stories of those wonderful neighbors!


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